Banana Fruit Powder
May 9, 2020
Product Details

Dragon fruit powder


Sunshine selects of various types of high-quality Thai fruits, through peeling, vacuum drying and rapid freezing, grinding and other standard operating procedures, make fresh fruit powder from fresh fruits. Fruit powder made by Sunshine, from raw materials to end products, contains absolutely no additives, preservatives and flavorings. Delicious doubles, nutrition is not shrinking. It is not only delicious, its nutrition remain the same. It is ideally suited for the beverage shops, ice shops, food processing, and hotels.

Currently the seven fruit powders listed below are available for sale:

  • Monthong Durian fruit powder
  • Mangosteen fruit powder
  • Rambutan fruit powder
  • Jackfruit powder
  • Narcissus mango fruit powder
  • Banana fruit powder
  • Dragon fruit powder

For other fruit powder needs, please contact us.

This product is 100% made in Thailand.