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To be one of the innovative processed fruit brand leaders, creating healthy food and to make it international


1. To Create our Brand to be well known and to increase our Domestic and Oversea Sales.
2. To Continuously develop and research health Products.
3. To Businesses that save the Green World and are friendly to the Environment. Corporate Social Responsibility (ESG).
4. Develop knowledge and potential of personnel to grow and be proud to be a part of the organization
5. To Company based on Good Governance, Transparency and Fairness in Preparation for becoming a Public Company.

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Sunshine International Co., Ltd. was established on 1992 with the simple principle of working together as a family. The company products are made of high-quality raw materials. Most of them are additives free, produced by highly technological machines. The company has a comprehensive step by step procedure of processing, to make sure the products are clean, nutritious and certified by quality ISO standard as well as GMP codex.

As part of producing the quality products with care for the environment, the company is investing resources into renewable energy and energy saving programs, for example, on 29 November 2019, the company had celebrated its successful set up of 594 kWp Solar Roof project. The company estimates the project would save approximately 797,500 kW of electrical power per year and it helps on reduction of CO2 emission 447,373 kg/year, which is equivalent to grow 49,711 plants/year.    


On 1992, Sunshine International Co., Ltd. establishment


Green Sunshine


Heat Circulating System

The company has engineered a circulatory heat system as recyclable energy; transferring the heat generated from the cooling system to operate the vacuum freeze-drying machine. The company heat circulating system is energy saving and also reduce carbon footprint.


Waste water treatment

The company has a treatment plant to ensure that only clean water is released into the public water way.


Recycling package

The company has an agenda of promoting customer to reuse its seal bag, reducing waste.

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Green Energy

A reduction in electrical power of 795,500 kW/year resulting in lowering carbon emission by 447,373 kg/year, which is equivalent to grow 49,711 plants per year.