Durian Monthong Chips 150g

Roasted Coconut Chips (50g)
January 2, 2020
Product Details

Durian Monthong Chips 150g

Durian chips brand “Fruit King’ is made from high quality durian, which is fried at proper temperatures to make sure that the products are crisp, tasty, delicious and maintain the signature taste and aroma of durian. The company products are made from a variety of durian known for its firm smooth texture. It’s suited for snacks during the day, is easy to carry for eating anywhere, any time.

Product Details

  • 100% Natural, No Food Additives, No Sugar
  • Vegetarian, Muslim and Jewish can consume safely
  • Has Worldwide Product Liability Insurance
  • Every Process is Made in Thailand


  • Durian Monthong

Size and Weight

  • Packing size 150 gram